Greater Chicagoland Metra & Places Map Mash-up
Over the last several years, my wife and I have been moving around the Chicagoland area, looking for a place to call home. In our hunt, we have found a number of resources, which has helped us, but they all seemed to be in different places. In extreme cases, this has even lead us to purchase a street map, cork board, and many, many push pins, in an attempt to build a visual reference to identify cities, townships, & villages, and map them to the closest Metra Stations. This was helpful, but it was not very portable.

As we have not yet found the right resource, we set out to build one ourselves. That is what is contained within these pages. Most of the data is from Wikipedia and, but other resources have also been leveraged.

~Happy Hunting~

Option 1: Search By County
Please Select an available County and distance measurement then hit the "Map It" Button
This will take you to a Map containing all towns, villages, & cities contained within that county, mapped with zip codes, and metra stations located nearby.
Option 2: Search By Metra Zone
Please Select an available Metra Zone and hit the "Map It" Button
As Zones get higher and farther out, ticket prices increase along with travel times. Select a Metra Zone, and see the cities, villages, and townships which are nearest the Zone you chose.
Option 3: Distance Specifics
Please enter a complete Address and hit the "Fetch" Button
You have a list of possible properties in front of you. You have an address, Great! Now What? Let's find what that address is near; metras, grocery, stores, airports, etc.